Clasped Weft – A little further…

I finally got back to my loom the other day. I managed to knock out just under a metre of this clasped weft with a diamond twill pattern. My goal is to get three metres of this, then do another three metres of white on white. Then, if it all goes to plan, I will be making another origami dress out of it.

I haven’t done much on my Saori loom at all. But I have a feeling, with this nicer weather, I will be able to get back to it.

I haven’t had a good time of it lately. Having a Chronic Illness with a lot of body pain really does affect my ability to work at my looms. Even my recent work at my loom really knocked it out of me. But, I will never give up because I love being creative and being able to do something that is very physically challenging.


One thought on “Clasped Weft – A little further…

  1. I realize this was posted in 2016 but I hope you are feeling better now. Your clasped weft weaving is stunning. Thank you for the inspiration.


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